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Find out what it means to be an INTP

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I know what it feels like to search all over the internet for answers as to how you can grow as an INTP.

You've taken the test multiple times, maybe even gotten different results along the way...but it's still confusing as to what it all means.

How can I become a better version of myself?

Am I doing okay in comparison to other INTPs?

Why can't I connect with others well?

Why am I having difficult getting things done?

Why is life so difficult?

I'm glad you're asking these questions because it shows that you want to improve your life, you want to connect, you want to make life simpler, you want to bring your talents to the table, and you want actual advice to get you there.

Well, welcome to The INTP Launch Kit. This is not just an introduction but it is your on-ramp to the world of Jungian Psychology, Cognitive Functions, personal growth and what we're calling Dynamic Personality.

The cognitive functions of an INTP are:

Introverted Thinking (Ti) - The main function of an INTP that cares about logic and language. This drives the thirst for knowledge and brings with it the ability to hold a lot of information. And we hold a lot of information because we are looking for logical disparities in ours and others' personal logic. And I stress a personal sense of logic...once you listen you'll know what I mean.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) - This secondary function is about making connections between experiences related to the outside world. Intuition is about advanced pattern recognition, which means valuing the highlights of our real-world experiences. In order to gain new insight, Extroverted Intuition creates a sense of wonder and desire for novelty infused with optimism and excitement as a mechanism to explore and expand on our understanding of reality.

Introverted Sensing (Si) - This is the side of an INTP that enjoys a sense of comfort and ritual as well as a personal sense of nostalgia, safety, and security. This is the desire to stay steady and enjoy the familiar. In a sense, it's a desire to do the same thing every time. We cover the ways in which this is helpful and which ways it isn't. This tertiary function tends to be a center of insecurity, play, connection, and admiration.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) - This inferior function is a desire to connect with others and meet the needs of those they care most about. For INTPs, this is about very close personal relationships and some of the challenges INTPs face with their more "friendly" and emotional side. This inferior function is also responsible for a big picture ambition of making an emotional impact on the world, typically in the form of teaching and logical expression.


Dive deeper into understanding yourself and regaining your sense of normal and find your empowering path forward.

We emphasize advice-drive content, which means that by the end of this experience you'll feel like you've finally found your footing with a foundational understanding of what it means to be an INTP and launch into a new era of your life.

If you're ready for more advanced learning, consider our INTP Empowerment Guide (which includes The Launch Kit for FREE)

Your Instructor

Christian Rivera | C-Note (@letsgocnote)
Christian Rivera | C-Note (@letsgocnote)

Christian Rivera is a Digital Producer, has been for 20 years creating photo, video, graphic design and audio assets for clients such as Disney, Hulu, Lionsgate, Focus Features, Paramount and more. In 2018, Christian developed DOPEamine, a platform dedicated to personal empowerment with a focus on INTP Personality Development.

After experiencing his life challenges he turned to personality archetypes as a way to better understand the difference between his personality and his mental health (ADHD and Cyclothymia).

Christian began training with Personality Hacker, reading book after book, and having endless conversations about personality types to better his understanding of himself and the world around him.

After some intense training and loads of experience with personality profiling, Christian now creates courses and memberships to support INTP in their mental health, creativity and productive journey.

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